Guide to Effective Business Card Design

A business card is defined as a ‘small card’ printed or engraved with a person’s name, business affiliation and includes such information as title, address and telephone number.

Although today’s business cards now include more contact details including email addresses and website URLs, the general definition still applies.

Business cards are a necessity to provide current and potential clients with basic information as is applies to your career.

Below is some handy advice to ensure your business card meets the mark.

An effective business card should:

  • Identify the person and business
  • Provide a title or job description
  • Provide essential contact details
    • Telephone number, email address, fax, website
  • Contain a compelling feature to make it memorable
    • Logo and or appropriate graphic

In addition to the above, below are tried and true tips for creating business cards that convey the necessary information without going over the top.

Use legible text

Use typefaces, font sizes and colors that make your information easy to read.

Quality paper stock

Invest in heavy card stock that has some weight to it. Flimsy paper conveys the wrong impression.

Professionally printed

Another worthwhile investment is having a professional product your business cards. They can assist layout and design as well as paper choice and ensure you avoid the ‘DIY’ look of laser printed business cards.

Odd shapes and sizes

The need for your card to fit in business card holders and wallets far outshines the need for an usual sized or shaped business card. If your card ends up buried in a drawer, it does you no good.

Include critical information but minimize clutter

A business card is not a resume.  It should include the four key items noted above.

Skip your photo

Unless you are a real estate agent, including your photo on your business card isn’t necessary and is often off-putting.

Too many fonts

Pick a font or two at most and stick with it. Employ the KISS principle: Keep It Simple… 

Use high quality images

Ensure your logo and any other graphic or images are high resolution. Poor quality and low-resolution images can ruin your image.

Your business card is your reputation, your first impression, on a small piece of paper.  Look at it objectively.  Make sure it makes the statement about you that you want it to achieve.

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