Effective Postcards

The goal of a postcard, whether it is advertising a product, service or an event, is to convey key information in a visually dynamic, concise manner.

Postcard Basics

A postcard has two sides, the billboard side and the message side.

As the name billboard infers, the purpose of this side of the postcard is to capture the reader’s attention with a compelling headline and image. Keep it simple. Don’t try to include too much information here or you’ll lose your audience.

Go into (limited) detail on the message side of the card. Include key information written succinctly so the reader knows what you’re offering. Be sure the layout is one that catches the eye and boldly states the offer.

Include your company logo and information so your potential customers can take advantage of the deal you are advertising.

Postcard Marketing Tips

  1. Establish a budget. Know how much you have to spend and make sure it allows for an on-going campaign.
  2. Be repetitive. To get the most out of your direct mailing program, repeating your offer with multiple mailings is more cost effective than a one-shot postcard.
  3. Define realistic, specific marketing goals such as “Generate 5% increase in sales” or “Increase website traffic by 9%.”
  4. Break the project into manageable, deadline-driven tasks: Creative, review, production, mailing, etc.
  5. Do your research. Know your subject. Know your target market.
  6. Offer a valuable promotion or make an announcement. Don’t send out a postcard ‘just because’.
  7. Ask the customer to take action or they won’t. Make the “call to action” stand out.
  8. Ensure the mailer conveys the proper reputation of your company.
  9. Have people outside the creative process review the piece to get a ‘real life’ feel for the impact of the piece.
  10. Track results. Was the mailer effective? How many calls did it generate? Did sales increase? Adjust future mailers as needed.